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Jun 15

Antonio Biaggi’s fist slides right straight up Kyler Rouge’s ass hole as he lubes up his fist and the wide open waiting ass hole. Kyler bends over in a doggy style position to take it harder and faster from Antonio’s fist. Ass punching in and out of his wide open and ready ass hole, Kyler takes it all like a champ. The ass pounding continues as Antonio pulls his cock out and gives his fist a rest, but his cock pounds into Kyler’s ass hole with ease. Slapping his dick into Kyler’s ass hole, Antonio takes control and gives it to Kyler hard by thrusting his cock into Kyler’s wide open ass hole. Watch full scene at Fisting Central

Jun 9

Ryan Patrick’s ass hole gets not only fisted but also stretched to new depths in this hot scene with James Aaron. Aaron takes his fist and thrusts it deep into the depths of Patrick’s ass hole, sucking his dick to spice things up. As Aaron takes Patrick’s dick into his mouth and deep into his throat he takes his fist and plunges it into Patrick’s ass hole. Pounding in and out, they soon decide to switch places and this time Aaron gets fisted hard and fast by Patrick’s rock hard fist. Putting his hands deep inside Aaron’s ass hole, Patrick pulls the ass hole open and shows the gaping hole of fisting fun. Take a free tour on Fisting Central!

Jun 2

Ben Reyes may be a little Asian dude but can take a lot as Andre Barclay bends him over and goes to town on his ass hole. Thrusting deep within his ass hole, he shows Reyes just how to take a nice big fist up his ass. As the ass pounding gets harder and faster, a frothy foam forms from all the lube slipping around. Barclay sure knows how to ass pound and punch it as he keeps going just how Reyes likes it, faster and harder. Reyes gets his turn to return the favor as Barclay stands up and takes Reyes’ fist in his ass nice and hard. Pounding harder and harder, Barclay likes taking it in the ass with a fist just as much as he likes pounding his fist up into someone else’s ass hole. Visit Fisting Central!

May 26

Andre Barclay and Mattieu Paris is an awesome pair in this anal fisting poundage hot scene. Barclay takes Paris’ fist deep within his ass this time around and the fun doesn’t stop there. Paris and Barclay decide to spice things up by swapping places, so on his back Paris goes as he takes Barclay’s fist deeper within his ass. After pounding away, the pair decide to switch places again, they both know how to take it and give it! It is some hot action as Barclay thrusts his fist deep into Paris’ ass, pushing as deep as Paris’ ass will take it.

May 19

Andre Barclay has Ryan Patrick in a standing position but bent over to take a fist to the maximum. Lifting his leg up and bending over further, Patrick takes the fist as it slides deep into his ass hole. As Barclay’s hand slides up into Patrick’s ass hole, he can’t help but get a nice rock hard dick that brushes up against Patrick’s butt cheeks. Sitting down, Patrick bounces up and down as the ass pounding gets harder and more intense. The wetness of the lube is dripping as Barclay’s fist slides in and out of Patrick’s ass hole. Both of his hands slide into Patrick’s ass hole and spreads, than he pulls one hand out and continues with one hand made into a fish and punches on. Visit Fisting Central now!

May 13

Race Cooper has David Novak squatting and waiting for his big black fist to penetrate his horny ass hole. Cooper’s fist thrusts deep within Novak’s ass hole and Novak has no choice but to squat and take it. Having Novak bend over for the maximum penetration, Cooper thrusts his up to the wrist and pushes for further inside Novak’s gaping ass hole. Pulling his fist out, Cooper flips Novak onto his back for a new position to violate the depths of Novak’s ass hole. On his back, Novak is begging for more and he writhes around, his ass being pounded harder by the minute.

May 8

Mattieu Paris is too hot to handle and so he is chained up as this hot scene plays out. Sky Devil approaches Paris all tied up and wasted no time sliding his fist up into Paris’ wide open, ready for hot action ass hole. Putting the fist up in Paris’ ready ass hole is one thing, but Sky Devil pushes his fist deeper inside and his arm slides up into his ass hole. This is where the real fun is at as Sky Devil’s arm slides in and out of Paris’ ass hole as he Paris pees all over Sky Devil. This hot action is continued as Paris gets his dick jerk off till her cums and Sky Devil licks it off his cum dripping dick.

May 1

Lance Navaro is one naughty boy who can’t help but open wide up as his ass gets prepped for fisting. Before this his cock is getting sucked but now he is ready to be ass fucked with a fist. It doesn’t take long before Element Eclipse has his entire fist up in Lance and is pounding it in and out, Lance bucks back to keep with the rhythm and takes it deeper. Bent over he loves taking it in the ass and now the position is switched as he keeps getting in his ass hole on his back. Shoving a tube down his penis hole, his ass gets pounded harder than ever. Switching to a giant toy, things are about to get real interesting, as it slides right in and he gets ass pounded into next week.

Apr 25

Junior Stellano is the manly man coming onto the set about to ass punch Boyhous into a fist pumping good time. Boyhous is laying wide open with his tight little ass hole begging for some hot action. Junior doesn’t miss a moment as he rushes in to prep that tight hairy hole for his fist. Starting with his fingers, Junior eases Boyhouse’s ass hole open and what follows is his entire fist shoves right up into Boyhouse’s stretched ass hole. Boyhouse cocks his head back and enjoys every minute of the fist being shoved up his hair ass hole. Punching in and out of Boyhouse’s hairy hole, Junior stops to see his work, the result is a stretched out ass hole. Junior dives right back in though, thrusting his fist in and out to drive Boyhouse’s nuts.

Dec 27

You see, this passionate fellow can hardly imagine his life without working his asshole with the use of various sex toys. It must be the very reason why naughty fellow starts posing on camera and shows the most fetching spots of his body once again. Yeah, horny man proudly shows his pink asshole, before filling it with the use of big-sized dildo and fucking himself very intensively. Look, in fit of unbound passion experienced seducer in red cap fist fucks himself and rubs his massive cock at the same time. Insatiable buddy in black boots longs for getting some more of pleasure and decides to continue with sitting on massive dildo and riding it all over. He becomes short of breath while having this sort of fun on gay fetish pictures. Scene provided by Club Inferno!

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